The Safe Zone Train-the-Trainer Toolkit is an in-development set of resources is for individuals and organizations hoping to roll out Safe Zone programs in their community.

In 2018, we stopped facilitating Train-the-Trainers (TTTs) as a service, and started working on putting all of the lessons we learned, the best practices we discovered, and the activities and logistics we had devised into open-source documentation that you can use to run your own programs.

TTT Retreat Guide

You can download our Safe Zone TTT 2-Day Retreat Guide now. Like the rest of our materials, our Retreat Guide is uncopyrighted, and yours to modify, overhaul, or use à la carte.

Downloading the Retreat Guide will give you:

  • The Full Retreat Guide (75 pages)
  • All of the individual activities we recommend for Safe Zone TTTs, including full write-ups and walkthroughs with facilitator tips
  • Advice for logistics, including who should be involved, what supplies you’ll need, how to set up your room, and more
  • Advice for prep, including suggestions for retreat co-facilitator planning, customizing the retreat schedule, and more
  • Access to a Google Drive folder with all of the editable documents that comprise the Retreat Guide, as well as photo examples of all the flip-chart templates and other tools you’ll end up making
  • Updates whenever we release a new & improved version of the Retreat Guide, and other TTT resources

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