The Safe Zone Project is a free online resource for powerful, effective LGBTQ awareness and ally training workshops

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Our Goal

Our mission is to create and provide free online resources to make your Safe Zone trainings (and all of your LGBTQ+ educational opportunities) effective, fun, dynamic, and impactful.

Help You

We'll take as much off your plate as possible, providing you curricula, activities, train-the-trainer planning, and tips to help you and your team become all-stars.

Do Better

Safe Zone trainings are unique educational opportunities, and we are all about making the most of those opportunities. Sometimes you only get one chance. Let us help you raise the bar.

Frequently Answered Questions

Do I need to be “certified” to use your curriculum?

Nope! We actually don’t offer certifications anyhow, so you can’t be certified by us. Our curriculum is provided here for your use — no strings attached.

I want to customize your curriculum for [some specific population]. Is that okay?

Heck. Yes. Our curricula, activities, and resources are all uncopyrighted, and reasons like this are WHY THAT IS SO EXCITING FOR US. So you have our permission 100%.

Here’s one word of caution: people often think they need to customize our Foundational Curriculum for a ton of reasons (their group is more “advanced,” or older, or younger, or more rural, or more urban, etc.), and we’ve found that people often overestimate how much tailoring is needed. If you have the ability, put a small pilot group together of your population and try the curriculum on them before you start customizing things. It might just work — or it might not work, but not in the ways you were expecting.

Oh! And tell us about it. This isn’t required, but we love hearing about the different ways people are putting the curricula to use.

I went through a “Safe Zone” training with a different curriculum. Were they doing it wrong?

Our curriculum is used by a whole lot of educators (over 25,000 in over 100 countries at last check), but it is definitely not the only “Safe Zone” curriculum out there.

Nor was our curriculum the first “Safe Zone” curriculum. Tons of schools and organizations offer “Safe Zone” trainings that are dissimilar, and have existed for decades, but are all bound in the spirit of a movement.

This project was created to provide curricula and activities that are effective, engaging, and fun — and, most importantly, accessibly available to educators wanting to advance the movement of “Safe Zone” trainings

I want to attend a Safe Zone training. How do I do that?

Google! We’re not being snarky, either. We suggest searching [Your Town/City/Region Name] + “Safe Zone LGBTQ Trainings” and seeing what comes up.

Even if the training isn’t called “Safe Zone,” (and they often won’t be) you’ll likely find something that will scratch a similar itch.

If that doesn’t work, reach out to any local LGBTQ+ organizations (e.g., PFLAG, or a University/College LGBTQ Center) and see if they can connect you.

If you’re not in or near a city where you can find anything, or you live in a part of the world where trainings like this simply aren’t accessible, we offer online courses you can check out. Just know that they are not — and never will be — an adequate substitute for an in-person training.

In the end, if your search comes up empty, you know what you have found? A mission. Start a program in your area. Or nudge someone who can. You’ve got everything we’ve created here at your disposal.

Is your curriculum really free? What’s the catch?

Yes, it 100% is. And there are no catches. For serious.

We get it. The way we do things is a little, well, different. A lot of people have grown to expect curriculum to cost hundreds of dollars to use, and to come with a lot of caveats, usage restrictions, and hoops to jump through.

A lot of that is literally why we created this project. We wanted to remove barriers that stand between you and doing good. Like this:

Person Who Wants to Do Good Through Education [BARRIER] Tool That Might Help.

And once you get started down this road, it’s amazing how thrilling it is to keep going. Our curriculum and activities have been free from the start (we’ve never had a paywall, and we never will), but how much more accessible can this be?

That’s what led to us uncopyrighting everything. So, not only is our curriculum really free, but it’s really not our curriculum. It’s yours.

Use it. Put it to work to do some good, and know you’re doing good by us.

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*Gotcha. No catch here. Just figured you’d be expecting one

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