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This site provides

We are here to help you

  • deepen your own personal understanding of LGBTQ, gender, and sexuality
  • teach others about LGBTQ, gender, and sexuality issues
  • get your safe zone or LGBTQ-inclusive edcational program up and running

What to do

Download our Foundational Curriculum (look for the rainbow button in top right corner…and many other places). 

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Check out our Activities! You can even sort by type, length, knowledge level, and how much trust needs to be established, etc. (Think online shopping but better and for LGBTQ-education instead).

Each of these activities can be…

  • viewed online;
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  • or you downloaded as a PDF (by clicking the button). 

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Get involved with the Safe Zone Project!

This project is an ongoing and ever-expanding website that will continue to evolve its offerings according to your needs!  Head over here to Help!

Want even more?

Learn about Safe Zone workshops — we keep saying “Safe Zone workshops”… what are these things? Find out why we think they are so nifty, what we think the goals of every Safe Zone should include, and our personal philosophies on social justice/gender/LGBTQ education while you’re at it!

Learn about the Team — who are the people who made this thing? How do they identify? Why do they care so much about Safe Zone workshops? What do they do? Learn all about that an more on the team page.

FAQs — always a great place to start when you don’t know what you don’t know…just yet.