Are you here to lead a Safe Zone initiative in your community? To roll out a program that create opportunities to learn about sexuality, gender, and LGBTQ+ identities? You, friend, have come to the right place.

Creating a Safe Zone program involves a lot of work, but it’s well within the scope of what a committed individual (or, better, a small group) can accomplish. People just like you, in schools, organizations, hospitals, and communities all around the world, have done just that.

And here’s the good news: everything on this site is at your disposal, uncopyrighted, and open source.

Here at The Safe Zone Project, all of the resources, curricula, and activities we create are:

  • Queer-positive
  • Evidence-informed
  • Accessible, engaging, and — ideally — fun!

So scroll down this page, use the search bar, click around in the menus — do what you need to do the find the resources you’re looking for. (And if you can’t find them, let us know what you need!)

Train-the-Trainers Toolkit — Retreat Guide, PLANNING & ROLLOUT

For years, we traveled around the U.S. and conducted train-the-trainer retreats, where we’d spend a few days with a group of ~15 people, and prepare them to step into the front of the room for a Safe Zone training.

Now, we’re doing our best to translate all the lessons we learned, as well as all the information we imparted, into an online resource for folks like you hoping to prepare a group of educators to take part in a Safe Zone initiative.

The first thing we’ve created is the Train-the-Trainer Retreat Guide, which is a step-by-step, activity-by-activity walkthrough to plan, prepare, and run a two-day train-the-trainer retreat.

Eventually, we’ll be releasing tools for planning (before the retreat) and rollout (everything that happens after) for a Safe Zone initiative, and tons of answers to questions you might have.

Below, you can find any activities, curricula, FAQs, and other tools that will help you train Safe Zone trainers in your community, and launch a Safe Zone initiative.

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All Articles, FAQs, Activities, & Courses for Leaders

Why We Stopped Offering Train-the-Trainers as a Service

We didn’t want to get in our own way, and we decided to focus on creating a(nother) free online resource and supporting from afar instead of flying everywhere.

Introducing: Safe Zone Train-the-Trainer Retreat Guide

A step-by-step, activity-by-activity walkthrough to plan, prepare, and run a two-day train-the-trainer retreat.

How can I hire someone to come in and do a Safe Zone training for my organization?

Announcing S.T.A.R.L.A.B. and a Train-the-Trainer Clearinghouse

An academy for aspiring Safe Zone facilitators and a bunch of tools and resources for training trainers coming your way

My school doesn’t have a Safe Zone program — how do I change that?