Everything on this site, unless otherwise noted, including the activities, curriculum, articles, and blog posts are uncopyrighted.

What this means: we wish everything we’ve created here to be part of the public domain, there is no need to ask permission to use any of it – it is yours to do as you please. While we appreciate attribution, shout outs, head nods as much as the next, citing us and how you use the work we’re publishing here (unless otherwise noted)it is entirely up to you.

We want people to use this stuff and we feel the best way to do that is to do what we can to remove barriers. We believe that much of the material that we’ve contributed to this site is hardly “ours” — but our take on work that belongs to the community of social justice folks that have helped shape us and our experiences and understandings. This compels us not to claim any of this as our intellectual property.

The idea of uncopyrighting is not our original idea; we are, in the spirit of it, using an idea established on other sites including Zen Habits and It’s Pronounced Metrosexual, as well as many philosophies found in Charles Eisenstein’s Sacred Economics.

Things we are not saying

We aren’t saying it is socially unjust, wrong, immoral, or even uncool to copyright your stuff. It totally OK and up to you. It’s also important to give credit where one can, and we want to do that on this site. If anyone feels that we have neglected to give someone credit for their original work, or that we are hosting any copyrighted work here that belongs to someone else, please do let us know – we take that seriously and will correct it as soon as possible. The difficulty for us on this front is distinguishing between things (like activities) that are already part of the commons (have been created, improved, and built on the work of others), so we welcome the help.

We are not saying that this is something everyone wants to do. It is just what we want to do. It’s something that aligns with our social justice perspectives and ideals.

We are not saying we don’t think that this isn’t risky or that it doesn’t make us vulnerable. It is and it does!

Things we are saying

We believe that uncopyrighting our materials here is honoring our truth. Everything here is built on the work of others, a collective effort in education and advocacy that’s been accumulating for decades: to claim it as our own, and to prevent other people from accessing it and using it, would be unjust. This it is the best choice for us and how we hope to contribute to the efforts social justice community.

Long story short: we believe that uncopyrighting our work here is the best way we can contribute to a movement of a more open source social justice community.