Meet the people bringing you this free online resource, curriculum, activities, and other rainbow-themed goodness.

The Safe Zone Project was founded in 2013 by Meg Bolger and Sam Killermann and as a free online resource for folks doing LGBTQ awareness and ally trainings. Meg and Sam, having both been heavily involved in Safe Zone (LGBTQ awareness trainings) for a number of years individually, collaborated to build a platform for those who were interested in starting Safe Zone (and similar) trainings to have a place to build their curriculum, and a place for organizations already running Safe Zones to improve their existing workshops. In the years since, they’ve trained dozens of organizations to roll-out Safe Zone programs, added new activities and article series to this site, and written a book about facilitation.  

The majority of the folks who use The Safe Zone Project interact with the website exclusively, which gets over 10,000 visitors each month. The curriculum alone has been downloaded over 25,000 times in 100+ countries since 2013, and countless others have downloaded the individual activities.

The Safe Zone Project is a volunteer-run initiative and labor of love by Meg and Sam, and all of the resources created here are uncopyrighted. There is no “SZP HQ.” Meg and Sam live in different parts of the US, and when not in-person facilitating train-the-trainers, 100% of the work is done online (thanks Google Drive!). The Safe Zone Project is part of hues, a global justice collective of art, tools, and resources.

Hi! We’re the SZP Co-Creators


Meg Bolger (she or they)

Hey! I’m Meg and I’m a social justice facilitator, educator, and writer. I am one of the co-creators of The Safe Zone Project. Safe Zone trainings are near and dear to my heart both as a member of the LGBTQ+ community and as the place I started facilitating social justice. In addition to being a social justice educator, I’m a facilitation geek. I co-authored a book on facilitation, Unlocking the Magic of Facilitation, and help co-facilitate another free online resource (for facilitators) called FacilitatingXYZ.

When not doing LGBTQ+ work with The Safe Zone Project and trans inclusion education with The Venture Out Project, I support organizations on their inclusion, equity, and social justice initiatives through my organization Same Team. I hibernate in the gorgeous city of Seattle, WA, where I search for empty skate parks and the best cinnamon rolls in town.

Sam Killermann (he or they)

Howdy! I’m Sam and I’m an author, storyteller, and doodler — all of which I use for gender & sexuality education. This project strums my heartstrings because it was in Safe Zone trainings in college that I was first given the opportunity to seek answers about gender, sexuality, and identity without shame or ridicule. Those conversations helped me find myself, and led me to a life of allyship and activism.

Here, my role is split between training trainers, writing curriculum, and improving the online resource. I also serve as the Director of Creativity for hues, a global justice collective that The Safe Zone Project is part of, where I perform social justice comedy showsgive keynotes and TEDxTalkswrite books and articles, and make t-shirts. I live in Austin, TX because I’m lucky. And yes, that’s my real last name (sorry).

FAQs About the SZP Team

Where is The Safe Zone Project located?

On the internet! Really though, we don’t have a physical headquarters. Meg lives in Seattle, WA and Sam lives in Austin, TX the vast majority of the work happens through using online communication and collaboration tools (here’s to you Google Drive).

Who funds the Safe Zone Project?

The Safe Zone Project is volunteer-run labor of love by Meg and Sam. We do the content creation, website design, coding, graphic design, writing, and communications (and other things we forgot to list here) all on a volunteer basis. Funds to support the operations and content on the site come from gifts and donations (from viewers like you!) and other folks who dig our resources and want to support the work. We are not funded through any grant, non-profit, or other income source.


Started in 2017, the SZP Internship Program was designed to create an opportunity for up-and-coming LGBTQ+ equality advocates and educators to get insight into the field, and hands-on training, and invaluable experience to apply to their future endeavors.

The SZP Interns help with everyday operations, website and content improvements, outreach efforts, content development and upkeep, as well as complete a project of their own design, which is contributed to the Safe Zone Project, or the hues global justice collective.

All interns receive guidance and mentorship from Meg & Sam, t-shirts, books, and other swag from the SZP and other hues initiatives, and access to a massive platform to meaningfully influence change and contribute to global justice.

Internship FAQs

Is the internship paid?

No. Generally speaking, this is an unpaid, volunteer internship. We’re happy to work with interns to receive college credit, and if an intern facilitates or co-facilitates a training for which the SZP is gifted money, the intern is paid the same as any other facilitator.

How are interns selected?

Thoughtfully! All applications are reviewed by Meg & Sam personally. Beyond meeting the minimum requirements, the following criteria are considered: in what unique ways will this person complement our team, how well does their intern project mesh with our abilities to provide guidance and a platform, and what special skills or gifts do they have that will improve the SZP?

When are applications due?

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, and are generally due two weeks before the intended internship term begins (e.g., Fall Term applications are due August 15th, two weeks before September 1). We’ll announce deadlines for each term on our blog, particularly if the deadline falls outside of this rule.