The Project Internship is a unique internship experience: your role is to complete a specific project that will meaningfully contribute to The Safe Zone Project, expanding the resources available to everyone who accesses this site.

Project Internship Opportunities

Below is a list of current projects that we’d love a project intern (like you!) to tackle. If one of these sparks your interest, please apply!

Video Walkthrough of Facilitator Guide

Create about 10 short (fewer than 5 mins) explanatory videos walking facilitators through using our foundational 2-Hour Curriculum. That is,

Requirements: video editing, writing, filming, post-production, camera capable of 720p quality video, Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro, high-speed internet connection

To apply for this project please email yo [at]

Safe Zone 201 [Fill-in-the-blank] Curricula

Creating a 201 curriculum that will help folks dive deeper into, or gain a broader understanding of, the topics introduced in our foundational 2-Hour Curriculum. Internship applicants propose a focus for a 201 curriculum (e.g., Safe Zone 201: Race + LGBTQ; Safe Zone 201: Social Justice).

Requirements: training experience, content area knowledge, writing, Google Drive

To apply for this project please email yo [at]

If neither of these projects speak to you and you have a vision for a project you’d like to contribute to The Safe Zone Project please reach out! We’d love to learn more.

Project Internship Requirements & Benefits

Thinking about applying to be a Project Intern for the SZP? Following are the universal requirements for all Project Interns, and the benefits we have to offer you.

Universal Requirements:

  • Interest in working in a self-directed, self-motivated fashion. You are the lead on this project and we’re here help and offer support.
  • Ability to finish your project within a 6-month timeframe. While some projects could be completed in a matter of days or weeks, have a 6-month cap on the timeline for the longer projects.


This internship is unpaid. We acknowledge this as a limitation. The SZP is run on a voluntary basis and this internship is as well. There are additional benefits/perks such as…

    1. Swag (t-shirts, stickers, posters)
    1. Books (specifically those published by Impetus Books)
    1. Publication on the SZP blog
    1. A unique, substantial, completed project for a portfolio/resume that will be published as part of the SZP
    1. Access to a massive platform to meaningfully influence change and contribute to global justice
  1. Guidance and support from SZP Co-Creators, Meg and Sam