Started in 2017, the SZP Internship Program was designed to create an opportunity for up-and-coming LGBTQ+ equality advocates and educators to get insight into the field, and hands-on training, and invaluable experience to apply to their future endeavors.

The SZP Interns help with everyday operations, website and content improvements, outreach efforts, content development and upkeep, as well as complete a project of their own design, which is contributed to the Safe Zone Project, or the hues global justice collective.

All interns receive guidance and mentorship from Meg & Sam, t-shirts, books, and other swag from the SZP and other hues initiatives, and access to a massive platform to meaningfully influence change and contribute to global justice.

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Is the internship paid?

No. Generally speaking, this is an unpaid, volunteer internship. We’re happy to work with interns to receive college credit, and if an intern facilitates or co-facilitates a training for which the SZP is gifted money, the intern is paid the same as any other facilitator.

How are interns selected?

Thoughtfully! All applications are reviewed by Meg & Sam personally. Beyond meeting the minimum requirements, the following criteria are considered: in what unique ways will this person complement our team, how well does their intern project mesh with our abilities to provide guidance and a platform, and what special skills or gifts do they have that will improve the SZP?

When are applications due?

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, and are generally due two weeks before the intended internship term begins (e.g., Fall Term applications are due August 15th, two weeks before September 1). We’ll announce deadlines for each term on our blog, particularly if the deadline falls outside of this rule.

Two Types of Internships: Seasonal Interns & Project Interns

We have two distinct types of internships: Seasonal Interns, who are selected for a 3-month term in either Fall, Spring, or Summer (read more); and Project Interns, who apply to contribute a specific project to the Safe Zone Project (read more).

Here’s a table that hopefully makes the differences clear:

Seasonal InternsProject Interns
Guidance/SupervisionWeekly check-in meetings; Slack team membership for daily open communicationInitial meeting to establish the project and scope; emails or impromptu calls/meetings as questions come up
What is being Worked OnA combination of tasks related to the Safe Zone Project at large and the intern’s personal projectThe project that the intern applied to work on, or submitted for us to co-create
The timeframe of InternshipThree months, with the expectation of at least 4 hours of week commitmentHowever long the project takes, from a few days to six months

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