Announcing Spanish-Language Safe Zone Curriculum, and Safe Zone 201: Race + LGBTQ

Sam Killermann

As part of our Birthday Extravaganza, we’ve already announced our new website, and the 5th Edition of our Foundational Curriculum. Today, we have two more LGBTQurricular announcements for you.

Foundational Curriculum… ¡en Español!

That’s right. Thanks to the the help of a professional translator and several volunteers, we now have a Spanish-language version of the Foundational Curriculum.

The translated version includes all of the same activities and learning outcomes as the English-language version, with one new handout (out with the “LGBTQ Umbrella,” in with the “Términos Globales sobre LGBTQ”). It is a direct translation of Foundational Curriculum 4.1, because that edition had been tried and tested for several months before being translated.

The translated curriculum will be downloadable directly from our site soon (just like our other curricula and activities). It will come with a Facilitator Guide and Participant Packet, and be freely available and fully editable.

But first we are asking folks to email us for a [digital] copy of it. We’re doing this as a form of “beta” testing, so we can collect feedback directly from those of you using it, and make any necessary tweaks before we publish it widely.

If you’d like a copy of the Foundational Curriculum in Spanish, email [email protected] and we’ll send it right along.

If you’d like to be alerted when we publish it for the public at large, subscribe for blog updates and we’ll be sure to notify you here when it’s available:


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Safe Zone 201: Intersections of Race + LGBTQ

We’re also thrilled to announce our first official Safe Zone Project 201 curriculum, which will focus on the intersections of race and LGBTQ identities.

A couple months ago, we announced our Project Internships, and with them the idea for Safe Zone 201s: trainings for participants who had completed a “101”, introductory Safe Zone, and wanted to dive deeper into the material. 

This curriculum, which is being created in collaboration with our project intern, will build on the themes established by our Foundational Curriculum and enable participants to dig deeper into identity, privilege, vocabulary, and apply their knowledge in scenarios.

We’re hoping to have this curriculum published by Winter 2018. Stay tuned for that!

More Birthday Releases Coming Your Way

That’s all for today, but we have a lot more in store for you. And for those following along, here’s a quick Birthday Extravaganza Update:

  • Over 500 people have already downloaded the 5th Edition of the Foundational Safe Zone Curriculum
  • Almost Over 50 of you are playing along with our Birthday Scavenger Hunt (read about that at the end of our 5th Birthday Release blog post, or just look for the 🎁s around the site and jump in), which is AMAZING! So many good guesses, so little time left.
  • Almost Over 10 people have helped us by pointing out bugs or other errors on the site, and we’re working to fix them (or have fixed them already). THANK YOU, KIND STRANGERS!

Look for the next Birthday Release in a few days, and get excited: it’s something that, over the course of the last few years, we’ve been asked for a million* times.


Get new blog posts directly in your inbox

Every blog post. In your inbox. Easy-peasy. (Note: this is a separate service from the Foundational Curriculum updates)

*Exaggeration, but only kinda.