To make the biggest impact it's important to stick the ending.
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  • Participant feedback forms
  • Self feedback form

Facilitator Framing

  • Wrapping up the workshop is important in order to provide a sense of closure to the experience, review the material covered, and initiate thoughts around next steps.
  • We recommend asking for feedback that you know you will use. If you are looking to change/alter the content material, ask for feedback on the content, if you want feedback on your facilitation process, ask for questions on your facilitation. Do not ask for feedback you are not going to meaningfully use.  

Goals & objectives

  • Wrap up the program by summarizing the takeaway points from the different aspects of the training.
  • Remind participants the events of the training giving them a chance to reflect on what they’ve experienced and learned over the course of the program.
  • Opportunity to make any last points or take-aways.
  • Opportunity for participants give feedback on the training that will help the facilitator grow and develop the training in the future.

Process Steps:

  1. Let participants know that we are going to be wrapping up the training.
  2. Summarize the activities that you did during the training, the main takeaway points that you want participants to leave with, and what they can do from here to continue being and becoming better allies. Some points you might want to include are:
    • encourage participants to continue to continue these conversations outside of this space
    • encourage participants to inquire and address negative/hurtful language/assumptions, even when they are nervous
    • encourage participants to continue to educate self/others on these and other social justice issues
  3. Let them know that in a minute you’ll be looking for their feedback. Let them know what you will use the feedback for and how important it is to growing and bettering the trainings in the future (this will encourage folks to give meaningful feedback).
  4. Hand out feedback forms and let participants know where to put them when they are done. If you’ll be sticking around the workshop for questions afterward let participants know that as well. Any additional information you want your group to have be sure to share before passing out feedback forms.

Make it your own

Modify the feedback form to fit your needs and interests and for the participating group.

Unlock the Magic

Remember: self-evaluation and self-feedback ( is critical to you improving as a facilitator.  We wrote a whole article on it we think it’s that important.  So while it can be very tempting to forget or not do this part, your future self will thank you!  You can even do it while your participants fill out their feedback forms!


It is very easy to forget to or not prioritize Wrap-up as a part of the training. However, if you have a decision between doing another scenario or wrapping the workshop up in a meaningful way we encourage you to choose Wrap-up. The training will feel much more complete when you give a little summary at the end and provide some context for next steps. Wrap-up also increases the quality of the feedback you receive as you have just reminded participants all of the different aspects that you covered the training.

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