How to get feedback from your participants! Guaranteed.
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Necessary Supplies

Goals & objectives

  • Provide an opportunity for all participants to reflect back on the training and share with you their thoughts, feelings, and reflections about the experience.

Step-by-step walk through

  1. Finish your wrap up of the training

  2. Let participants know that you would now like to ask them to give you feedback and before instructing them to turn to the feedback page let them know what you’ll be doing with the feedback and why it is important.

    “I want to let you all know that I really value your input and your feedback on the training that we just went through together. If in a moment you can turn to the last page in your packet you’ll find a feedback form.  This form will walk you through some questions I’d love to you answer about the workshop.  If you can be as honest as possible about your experience that will allow me to grow as a facilitator and improve the workshop for others!  Please take as much time as you need on the form.”

  3. Instruct people where to put the forms when they are done!

Make it your own

Feel free to add questions that you write on the board and instruct participants to answer these questions on the back of their feedback form (just be sure to write down the question for yourself somewhere so you don’t forget what you asked!


It is important to not look at the feedback immediately. This will make people feel self-conscious about their feedback.  Simply leave it in a pile away from you while everyone finishes up. 

Doing this during the workshop time is crucial.  You feedback response rate will drop tremendously if you ask folks to do it after the workshop.

This is a good time for you to do your self evaluation feedback as it will likely take you a similar amount of time to those who are slow to finish the feedback forms.

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