Set your training up for success by beginning with shared group expectations.
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  • Group norms participant sheet

Facilitator Framing

  • This activity allows you to set norms and intention for the space. Some educators do group generated ground rules or full-value contract, however we have found this facilitation method to be the most time efficient and effective way to facilitate group norms and set the tone of a productive learning environment.

Goals & Learning Outcomes

    • Participants will understand and express personal investment in the group norms for the training.
    • Participants will connect with why these group norms are important for the dynamic of the training.



Process Steps

  1. Frame the activity. For example, “Before we get any further into the curriculum, we are going to take a moment to talk about group norms. The page of group norms is not our expectations of you, but things participants tend to ask for from one another. We’d like to hear from you if any of these strike a chord.”
  2. Read the first group norm “Be smarter than your phone.”  Ask participants if this is important to anyone. Follow up with anyone who says it is important and ask them to share with the group why it is important to them.  After they’ve shared, move onto the next one on the list and continue this way until all group norms are covered.
  3. Share any additional context that you would like to as a facilitator for why these group norms are important the type of environment that you want to create in the training.


If there is anything additional that you as a facilitator want to say specifically for this group you’re working with, this is the best time to do so.

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