The ending is often just as important as the beginning.

Necessary supplies

Goals & objectives

  • Wrap up the program by summarizing the take away points from the different aspects of the training
  • Remind participants the events of the training giving them a chance to reflect on what they’ve experienced and learned over the course of the program
  • Opportunity to make any last points or take-aways

Step-by-step walk through

  1. Let participants know that we are going to be wrapping up the training.
  2. You want to summarize the activities that you did during the training, the main take away points that you want participants to leave with, and what they can do from here to continue being and becoming better allies.
  3. Let them know that in a minute you’ll be looking for their feedback. Let them know what you will use the feedback for and how important it is to growing and bettering the trainings in the future.
  4. ” To wrap up the training I just want to highlight a few things.  We’ve talked about vocabulary and the importance of word choice when talking about these issues.  We then talked about the difference between gender identity, sex and sexuality and how vital it is to understand the difference between all of these identities.  We went over a list of heterosexual privileges and discussed how privileges are not only legal but social, geographical, and interpersonal as well.  We went over some scenarios that often come up in relation to these issues and we reflected on how our lives are impacted and change by the stigmatization and marginalization of sexuality and gender identity.  
  5. So I encourage you all to continue to have these conversations outside of this space, to continue to respectfully inquire when you hear negative language, to continue to educate yourselves on these and other diversity issues, and to be the active ally or LGBTQ advocate you all can be!”

Make it your own

Highlight the parts of the training that you felt were most important or most meaningful to participants, this will likely change every training.


It is very easy to forget to or not prioritize this aspect of the training.  It often gets cut when one runs out of time or gets missed in the heat of the moment. The training will feel much more complete when you give a little summary of the training at the end.  It also increases the quality of the feedback you receive as you have just reminded participants all of the different aspects that you covered the training.

This is a wonderful opportunity as well to offer any pieces of advice or information that you did not have the opportunity to cover within the training.  Activities may have been missed, or goals may not have been achieved within the different activities, so when you summarize the training you can add in any final thoughts or anything that you didn’t get to cover to encourage participants to continue their learning to cover these topics in the future.

All-Star Tips

Remember: self-evaluation and self-feedback is super critical to you improving as a facilitator and it is important to jog peoples’ memories about what was covered in the workshop in order to get the best feedback.