Demystifying Coming Out: Do and Don’t

A handout (and handy activity) for demystifying coming out as well as some easy do and don’ts when it comes to supporting someone’s coming out process.

Privilege for Sale(+) (Gender ID focused ed)

Necessary supplies Participant handout sheet One piece of scrap paper (optional) Pens/pencils Goals & objectives To provide an opportunity for participants to empathetically connect and reflect on the experience of having (or not having) privilege To acknowledge and investigate privilege. ┬áMost commonly people see this as heterosexual privilege but this can be used to explore… Read more »

Core Vocabulary 2.0

This activity focuses in on the essential vocabulary and LGBTQ terminology relating to gender and sexuality.

Anonymous Q&A 2.0

The opportunity to ask questions anonymously is key to creating an open discussion and eliciting the topics that participants are most interested in.

Privilege for Sale 2.0

This small group activity asks participants to “Imagine you live in a world without any privileges.” Then “Which would you choose to buy access to?”

Wrap Up 2.0

The ending is often just as important as the beginning.

Coming Out Story

An experiment in empathizing with a hypothetical person’s experiences, struggles, and setbacks with the lifelong process that is coming out.

Ace Inclusivity

A lecture to help participants become more aware of and sensitive to asexuality.

Scenarios 2.0

An opportunity for participants to practice and game plan how they would handle particular situations regarding gender, sexuality and LGBTQ issues in everyday life.

Identity Time 2.0

An activity that provokes reflection on the different aspects of your life that would be altered if you identified with a different sexuality or gender identity.

Identity Signs 2.0

This activity focuses on what are our salient identities in particular circumstances. How do our different identities intersect, interact, and affect our daily lives.


A necessary component to any workshop, introductions is when participants learn a little bit about you, and you a little bit about them.

Changing Perspective

This tiny activity demonstrates how changing your perspective can make something, anything look completely different!