The Safe Zone Project is an free-online resource for those doing LGBTQ-awareness and inclusion educational work. Co-created by Meg Bolger and Sam Killermann the Safe Zone Project offers curriculum, activities, resources, and train-the-trainer visits to support those doing gender and sexuality education. 

Safe Zone is a term widely used by many different individuals and has many different meanings. For some of us a Safe Zone trainings is a day-long intensive and for others it’s a 45 minute primer. There is no wrong way to do Safe Zone trainings but there is a lot of confusing and mystery around where all this stuff came from and what does it mean. In our about pages we address those questions and lend more clarity to individuals who visit us!

How to use this site is page that provides a quick overview to the different offerings, how to download and view all the different activities on the site, and when combined with the classification guide will fast track you to understanding all have to offer.  

What is Safe Zone?” is one of our most frequently asked questions, so check out that page for an overview of our thoughts. We also have a FAQ page for some other common questions!

There is a team of volunteers behind the Safe Zone project. Visit our About the Team page to learn about Meg and Sam, internships and interns, and some frequently asked questions. You can even apply to join the team and become an intern.

If you’re interested to know about our philosophies about what makes a good Safe Zone training or learn about our influences and inspirations you can! The Safe Zone Project is in so many ways created by the collective work of generations of gender and sexuality educators, so many people to thank.  

All of the material on The Safe Zone Project are offered for free and completely uncopyrighted. You can read more about what uncopyright means but in short, it means you can use these materials however you like, whenever you like, and with whomever you like, change them, make them your own, and that’s all good with us. In fact it’s encouraged!

If you want to share back some of those insightful tweaks, alterations, or new ideas with us, we’d love that! Check out our get involved page to see our call for sharing your insights as well as additional ways to contribute and join The Safe Zone Project team.