We are LIVE! Welcome to the Safe Zone Project!

The Safe Zone Project Team

Hey there!  Meg & Sam here! Welcome to our website! YAY! We’re so glad you could make it! Let’s give you a quick introduction to the site, but rest assured that if you start exploring you’ll find it more than speaks for itself. (you can just start at the home page and explore from there!)

What’s this all about?

Meg and Sam created the Safe Zone Project to help people who want to educate others on LGBTQ, gender, and sexuality issues do that with ease.  We’ve got an awesome curriculum for a two-hour workshop ready to rock (which is why its creatively named our ready-to-rock curriculum — download it here), a whole slew of activities to look through (and more forever being added), as well as some tips, tricks, and handy little tid-bits from us! We’re all about making college campuses (and people in other educational spaces…or people in general) more informed, educated, and excited about sexuality and gender.  It’s is what we both do best!

What to see & where to look!

So you can download our curriculum right here right now. You can also check out a whole host of different activities and sort through um like you’re looking for shoes on Zappos… except instead of shoes is diversity educational tools and instead of Zappos ITS US. Use the “Activity Finder” hidden in the sidebar above (just hover over it to make it less hidden) to get started there.


This is Meg & meet Sam.  Get to know us a little better, what we all about, why we are always so dang excited about Safe Zones. We are the dynamic duo behind this brand new resource and we really hope you enjoy it! Half queer-identified, half active ally extraordinaire, living in the south and the north, one likes peas and the other likes carro — you get the idea.

Tell us how we can better help you!

This was a huge undertaking between us, and something we’ve spent many sleepless hour on Google+ Hangouts discussing, planning, and putting into action. But this launch is very much a Minimum Viable Product, if you’re into that sort of thing, or you might call it an Open Beta. In any case, what we are trying to say is it is just the beginning, and it is far from done. Help us guide where it goes in the future by letting us know what you need, what resources you are looking for, and how we can best help you fulfill your sexuality and gender education dreams. Here are some things we have baking in the oven to give you an idea of what we think you would like:

  • An All-Star Facilitator track with articles, how-tos, exercises, and reflections to help take your facilitation to the next level.
  • Interactive Safe Zone Workshop Curriculum Creator™– pick one activity, choose another, grab a third or fourth, then download them all as one pre-made curriculum complete with a participant packet and additional resources
  • A survey of all the schools in the country’s Safe Zone offerings, as well as a basic assessment of what their program / department offers. Help us by adding your school.

Leave a comment below with any thoughts, feedback, or requests you have!

We look forward to this adventure!

Meg & Sam