The Safe Zone Project Team (Meg & Sam) are no longer offering train-the-trainer visits. However, we are no less excited to help you get your Safe Zone program off the ground please read below to learn more!

We are incredibly passionate about ensuring that people who want to start a safe zone program in their community or get the support they need. Over the past 4 years we’ve done dozens of train-the-trainer visit all over the country and with many different size schools and types of organizations. And now we’re ready to put all that knowledge to work in a whole new way.

Instead of offering in-person train-the-trainer visits we are going to be take what we learned over the years from running these programs and put together a complete resource to help you get your program off the ground. It’s going to be free and online (on this very website!) and if you need additional support we’re happy to jump in and create any additional resources you need to start your program.

For those who were looking to become Safe Zone trainers and who are working independently (it’s just you who wants to be a trainer) we’ve got STARLAB coming soon for you.

Other questions? Let us know at [email protected].