To 2016…and Beyond!

The Safe Zone Project Team

In 2015 we got to do many of the things we love to do (and many of those things… with all of you!)  We got to connect and collaborate with hundreds of people, travel around the country both physically and digitally, and talk to a bunch of passionate folks looking to make the world a better, more welcoming, more affirming place.

Thank you. For any of y’all who downloaded our curriculum, attended one of our online trainings, or invited us to visit — we thank you for the connection, for the energy, and for the big and small environments you’re making better by being you.

We learned a few things during this 2015 from our many adventures.

  • We learned that just like the big movies, our video outtakes are wayyy more entertaining than the finished product.
  • We learned that keeping your answers simple and knowledge level appropriate is way harder than not doing that.
  • We learned you can facilitate a two-hour online workshop from a cell phone (but we don’t recommend it).

We learned (reconfirmed really) that folks taking the time to offer kind and constructive feedback is invaluable to making our resources, our teaching, and our content better.

And we’ve got a lot more learning to do and to share with y’all in 2016.  Want a little glance at what’s in store?

We’re also excited to share a brand-new organization that will be an integral part of the Safe Zone Project (namely the umbrella part), hues.  Hues is an organization and resource hub, and one of those resources is The Safe Zone Project. This doesn’t change much in the way we operate (especially considering Sam is the director of hues and Meg is an advisor), but legally we are now organized a little differently.  All that said, hues is something we are really excited to share with you and encourage you to explore!

We are so thrilled to continue to do more of what we love to do, help y’all spread the important knowledge of gender and sexuality to your campuses and communities.

Please never hesitate to give us a shout and let us know what you’d like to see in 2016 and how we can help!

Cheers to a great year, and to the next!

Meg & Sam