SZP Co-Creators launch a Kickstarter! Read more!

The Safe Zone Project Team

Hello Safe Zone Project-ers!

We have some exciting news for you…Sam and I are getting married! Just kidding — not doin’ that. (Sorry, Jessica.) We are, however, taking a few big steps together and co-creating another project!

Our newest project (we hope*) is called FacilitatingXYZ: A Free Online Resource for ALL Facilitators. It’ll be a website where folks who are passionate about facilitating can watch videos, download chapters and discussion guides from our forthcoming books, and create community with other facilitators!  We are so excited about this project, because it — like The Safe Zone Project — is exactly the resource we wish we had had when we started our journeys as facilitators (and would love to have right now).


But there is a twist.  That little * after hope is very important because for this project we need your support.  We want to create an amazing resource website and some engaging high quality videos, but we can’t do it alone.  So TODAY we’ve launched a kickstarter campaign to help make that goal a reality and let our supporters help make FacilitatingXYZ into the resource we know it can be!  


We have some really cool rewards on this Kickstarter that we think you’ll be interested in, like early access to our forthcoming books!

Oh yeah, also we’re writing a book! Actually, two books. Because the best things come in twos!

Unlocking the Magic of Facilitation will be the first book we’ll be releasing and is all about the 11 key concepts every facilitator needs to know, but doesn’t know they need to know.

A Guide to Facilitation includes the concepts from Unlocking the Magic, as well as: the foundations of socially just facilitation, how to piece together the elements of a training, and lessons for finding your facilitation style.

These two books will be coming out soon (Unlocking the Magic this year, Guide to Facilitation next), but you can get early access, exclusive content, and more by supporting the Kickstarter!

To learn more about FacilitatingXYZ and to support all of our shiny new projects, head on over to the Kickstarter and take a look around! We really appreciate you taking the time, supporting us, and hope you’ll help us share this newest project with the world!

To new projects and double rainbows!

Meg & Sam