The Safe Zone Project team (Meg & Sam) are no longer offering in-person trainings or train-the-trainer visits. We are incredibly passionate about ensuring that people who want to host a training or start a safe zone program in their community or get the support they need to do so.


Instead of offering in-person train-the-trainer visits we are going to be take our years of experience in running these programs and put together all the information you need to get you program off the ground, train trainers, and start facilitating these workshops. It’s going to be free and online (on this very website!) and we hope will help kickstart many new Safe Zone programs!

We’re also going to sharing resources to help more folks become trainers independently (so you can be the one offering the training rather than hosting :).

If you had a different service in mind (than us coming out to do workshops or coming out to do a train-the-trainer)—please let us know! Email us at [email protected].