Play with us! Expiring soon!

The Safe Zone Project Team

Oh the weather outside (depending on your neck of the woods) is… outright crazy.  SO what better time to take a little nugget of your day to read our blog.  I would like to take a moment of your day to talk about one of the scariest things about diversity education and then another moment to talk about what you can do to push that monster back under the bed.

Here it is, the fact that keeps me up at night about diversity education.  *Deep breath*

With so much of diversity education, so many of our workshops we only get one shot to make a difference.

Just one.  A single workshop, hour, or moment to make an impact, teach or converse about something awesome, and have that group you’re working or that person you’re chatting with walking away with more questions to be answered and motivation to go find those answers.

That can feel kind of terrifying.  BUT here is the great thing, we can prepare ourselves for those moments by learning about how to teach, facilitate and reflect on these things.

But we can’t do it alone.

Or at least we don’t want to…


And this is why I ask for your help.  Sam and I are looking to create an All Star Facilitation Track i.e. a self-guided tour through the materials and articles we think will help you become a great social justice facilitator or have you rockin’ your Safe Zone workshops like a dream.

Back to that idea of only getting one shot.  This is your one shot.  To jump on the teaching wagon and help us out with this All Star Track.  We are looking for you (yes, you) to help us write these wonderful articles, activities, and thoughts and we want you to do it right now (or at least put us on your to do list).

There is a deadline, because let’s face it… if it doesn’t have a deadline its likely never going to happen.

FEB 14th.  We are looking to have these ideas, articles, activities, and wonderful tid-bits of knowledge rolling through our inboxes by then.

Sam and I got into this work and started this project and created this site to help others (and ourselves) acquire the knowledge, tools, and skills needed to make the best use of all the educational opportunities we encounter in the future. And we want you to help us do it.  To help craft those materials that will make the difference when it matters most.

So take a look on the All-Star Facilitator track page – see what our ideas for articles (that you can write!) are at this moment and get inspired and get to writing, recording, or tweeting to your bestie that they’d be perfect at this!  We know you can!

And if you ever need a pep talk or a metaphoric shoulder massage.

Just let me know.

I’m queer to help you.