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New Curriculum for our 3rd Birthday — version 3.0!

The Safe Zone Project Team

Three years ago today, we launched website complete with a 2-hour Ready-to-Rock, and totally free safe zone training curriculum. And that curriculum has been on quite the adventure! Since we started tracking downloads (two years ago) there have been over 11,000 downloads from 98 countries (578 last month alone).

As we’ve seen conversations of LGBTQ inclusion and sensitivity become more mainstream, we’ve also helped safe zone trainings expand beyond colleges and universities to health care organizations, domestic violence survivor advocates, and national non-profits. And we’re constantly excited to hear of more and more organizations starting educational efforts towards marking their environments more LGBTQ affirming and inclusive — whether they’re using our materials (hooray!), other folks’ (hooray!) or creating their own (hooray!).

Today is our 3rd birthday. And (as seems tradition at this point) we’re sharing our birthday present with you: A shiny new version 3.0 of the curriculum! (Link to download in top right of this and most other pages.)

Every page in the 3.0 curriculum got an tweak or an update and while some changes are small, we’ve got some new additions and complete overhauls as well.

What’s new in v3.0?

  • New cover design (oooh la la)
  • New activity (Fearfully Asked Questions)
  • New handout (Coming Out Handout)
  • Restructured timelines and activity flow
  • New Genderbread v3.3 lecture
  • New vocab terms; tweaked language in old ones
  • Updated and overhauled language and formatting in all activities
  • More detailed debriefing questions (with suggested learning outcomes)

We’re really excited about all the changes in the 3.0 curriculum and definitely believe it is our best, most facilitator-friendly, and up-to-date curriculum to date. It’s not done, and we’ll likely have a version 3.1 sooner than later fixing small tweaks, but we’re proud of what we have to offer. Beyond that, we’re thankful for all the feedback, input, and ideas generated by the crowd.

Here for you!

All of the materials on are offered to you for free and completely uncopyrighted which means you can use them, evolve them, and share them however you like. We’ve even shared this 3.0 curriculum with you in Microsoft Word version to make it easy to edit and modify for your use.

Curriculum = Content; Unlocking the Magic = Process

If you’re interested in creating the best experience in your Safe Zone workshops solid content it important and it is only half the battle. Unlocking the Magic of Facilitation is a book that we wrote to help folks learn key concepts in facilitation that they can use to improve their trainings and workshops. If this sounds up your alley check out Unlocking the Magic (physical book, e-book, and free pdf download) here.

As always we here at are excited to support all of you in your educational efforts and trainings and if there is anything you need to do gender or sexuality training better (that we can help with!), don’t hesitate to let us know — yo [at] thesafezoneproject [dot] com.

Happy Birthday SZP!

Meg & Sam