Our courses and standard tuition options are generally designed for individuals who do not have access to in-person learning and professional development. That said, we are thrilled to do what we can to support your group in learning.

We have several options available for folks looking to enroll a group of people (e.g., a university department, organization division, or institution as a whole) in a course. If one of the options below doesn’t work for you, please reach out and let us know.

One quick, important ask: if you are a representative of a group, please do not simply share the course link with your organization at large and encourage people to sign up on their own. An excess of simultaneous learners exerts a lot of stress on our learning management system, and, if unexpected, can lead to a bad experience for everyone — those in your group, and the other individual learners taking courses on the site.

Scroll down and you’ll find tuition options by group size, including discounted tuition fees and payment options.

However, because we operate within the gift economy, and we do not want this amount to represent either a barrier or restriction, we ask organizations to pay an amount per member that feels fair, is within your budget, and/or what is the most accurate expression of your gratitude.

20 or Fewer Members

If your group has 20 or fewer members, the “standard tuition” for a class is reduced from $79 to $50 per learner.

For the simplest route possible, we ask that you use the button below.

This will take you to a PayPal screen where you will be asked to:

  • Enter the price per item: this is the tuition per learner you’re choosing to pay — $50 being the standard group rate; and
  • Quantity: the total number of learners you’re purchasing scholarships for

Upon payment, you’ll automatically receive follow-up instructions, a receipt for your tuition purchase (and professional development spending documentation needs), and your group will be able to start learning immediately.

More than 20 Members

For groups that have more than 20 members, there are additional strains and bottlenecks that we’d like to avoid, so we would like to work with you individually to make sure that your learners get the best experience possible.

If you’re representing a big group, please email [email protected]. Include:

  • The number of members in your group
  • The timeframe in which you’re hoping for them to complete the course
  • Any other details you think will help us understand your case