A few different timelines we suggest for the Foundational Curriculum, as well as some notes on how to create your own.

All around this site, you’ll see us describe our Foundational Curriculum as a “2-Hour” training.

Here’s a little secret: we only call it that, because most of you need it to be that.

The exact same curriculum could be shortened (we would not recommend that), lengthened to 3 hours (we highly recommend this), or even, with some gusto, extended to 4+ hours.

This curriculum thrives when it’s facilitated — creating a lot of room for discussion, questions, and “rabbit holes.”

Unfortunately, a lot of organizations see 2 hours as a difficult enough barrier, so if they thought they “needed” 3 hours in order to use our curriculum, they might give up on the initiative altogether. We don’t want that. Here’s how we look at it:

  1. 3 (or more) hours is ideal for a Safe Zone. 
  2. 2 hours is okay, but not ideal.
  3. Anything less is going to feel less like a “Safe Zone” and more like an information session — which is okay, but it’s important to recognize.

2-Hour Training Timeline

15 minsIntroductions & Group Norms
5 minsFirst Impressions
20 minsCore Vocabulary & Do/Don’t Handout
15 minsLGBTQ Umbrella & Genderbread Person
10 minsBreak
25 minsPrivilege for Sale & Coming Out
10 minsAnonymous Q&A OR FAQ
15 minsScenarios
5 minsWrap-up & Feedback

3-Hour Training Timeline

15 minsIntroductions & Group Norms
5 minsFirst Impressions
35 minsCore Vocabulary & Do/Don’t Handout
30 minsLGBTQ Umbrella & Genderbread Person
15 minsBreak
35 minsPrivilege for Sale & Coming Out
15 minsAnonymous Q&A OR FAQ
20 minsScenarios
10 minsWrap-up & Feedback