The All-Star Facilitator Series is a series (go figure!) of lessons, exercises, and articles designed to help you take your LGBTQ awareness and social justice training facilitation to the next level. We have rolled out our initial batch of activities and articles and would love for you to explore! Sign up below for exclusive access to new materials as they come out!

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The Core Curriculum: On the Path to Becoming an All-Star Facilitator

This curriculum is designed to be a self-guided exercise and article compendium to help you (and your team) become the all-star facilitators we know you can be. It was co-written by yours truly (Sam and Meg), and will be updated and improved over time.

1. You Don’t Have to Know it All: Getting Started and Diving In


2. Facilitation is the Name of the Game


3. Finding Your Style: You Gotta Werk at Your Werk


4. How to Read a Group


5. Speaking for Group Identity: A How-Not-To


6. Navigating Triggers with Kathy Obear


7. Compassionate Curiosity: Being the Imperfect Role Model


8. Mastering the “Yes, And…” Rule


9. Letters to Self: The Importance of Reflective Feedback


10. Marked vs. Unmarked Identities with Deborah Tannen


Progress Report

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  • 2. Creation of Lessons
  • 3. Add to the Site
  • 4. Create All-Star Facilitators!
  • 5. Contributions from Experts (like you!)

Contribute to the All-Star Series!

We’d love to provide a platform guest posts from social justice educators. If you have a suggestion, or have written a lesson you’d like to be included in the series, please use the form below.

All lessons should ideally be 600 – 1200 words, with a focus on providing practical skills and theoretical frameworks that will lead to superb Safe Zone facilitation. Multiple lessons may be needed to accomplish the learning objective(s) for a particular curriculum item.