2nd Annual Birthday Post! Two Years Old and New Curriculum to Match!

The Safe Zone Project Team

Its been two wonderful years since this website first launch! We’ve added new activities, started the all-star track, and are even working on a new book to help y’all get your Safe Zone facilitation-on.

The big birthday present today though is a seriously updated curriculum!

What’s New in Version 2.0!

We’ve been at work over the course of the year keepin’ track of feedback (feedback!) on the Ready-to-rock curriculum and we are ready to say 2.0 is ready y’all.  We’ve made  changes, additions, and modifications that we feel will make this packet ever more helpful and useful in your quest towards Safe Zone Training superb-ness. 

What we added that we think you’ll love!

  • All star tips – these are little tid-bits at the end of many of the activities that relate back to how to become an even better facilitator for these Safe Zone Trainings.  These often relate (and link!) to our All Star Series articles so that you’ll know which skill we think is most applicable to certain activities.
  • Updated vocabulary – we’ve added some refinement and major changes to our terminology and included some new words in our list!  We’ve also added pronunciations to the most common words that get folks all twisted.  Shout out to all the feedback we got on vocabulary we tried to include and incorporate all the suggestions we received!
  • Improved activities – Almost every activity in the packet has been modified and improved.  These are some of the highlights

First Impressions – new worksheet – we’ve separated out gender identity and sexuality

Privilege for Sale – modified the privileges to be more poly-inclusive, added links and a new guiding questions (and changed up the name modified name!)

Scenarios – we’ve taken out our suggestions for scenarios as we’ve gotten feedback that every group is so different and we recommend writing your own for your population, (you can find higher education examples here! and medical oriented scenarios here) and added a new wrap up section featuring the platinum rule

Genderbread 3.3 – we’ve overhauled the Genderbread activity with a new worksheet, new lecture, new… everything. We’ve added another handout to help you suss out the difference between the L, G, B, T, and Q of LGBTQ.

  • Resources page – We’ve also added a resource page for participants to continue learning and educating both from us and other awesome resources around the web!  This resource page is not only included in the facilitator and participant packet you can also see an even more complete listing right here on the Safe Zone Project website! 

We’ve also made the curriculum downloadable as both a PDF and a word document!  This is to ensure that any modifications that you want to make it is easily and accessible to do!  (read more about our uncopyright here)

We did remove a few things from the original curriculum to try to tighten up the training and make it even more possible to fit it all into those tight two hours!  The coming out story can still be found in the activities section!

Let us know what you think! yo [at] thesafezoneproject {dot} com!  What do you need, what do you want to see in version 3.0?!