Curriculum Development & Consulting

Have a current Safe Zone (or LGBTQ/gender awareness) program that needs a little polishing up or or a new coat of paint?  Already have a Safe Zone program and want to help create a training to up your facilitators skills and abilities?  Looking to roll out a new program and need help working through all the kinks and sticking points in the roll out?  We got you!

Curriculum Development

If you’re wondering whether your curriculum is up-to-date on the latest best practices and terminology? Need help developing learning outcomes or creating an evaluation to analyze your program’s effectiveness?   Looking to add some more advanced/specific trainings to your program’s offerings, perhaps an supplemental or second level workshop such as a Safe Zone 201 about gender/trans* issues?  We here to help! We’re happy to consult in any ways you need and excited to support the growth and progress of your ally training programs and LGBTQ awareness workshops in any capacity we can.

And more…

Meg and Sam love to talk about this stuff.  We are passionate about getting more of this good work into the world and helping you do so in sustainable and ever-evolving way.  If you need support with anything we’ve mentioned on this page or any other projects you have in mind, hit us up and let us know!

Have a question for us about our consulting services? Email us at yo [at] thesafezoneproject [dot] com.