Are you looking to start training members of your community or organization? Do you have a group of future facilitators who could benefit from some next-level training? Great! This is our jam.

We love working with orgs and schools to develop a group of trainers, who can then go out into their community and facilitate change. While we enjoy providing fish, we'd rather teach you how to do the fishing yourself. It's more sustainable, it does more good for you, and — let's be honest — it's really fun spending a couple days with ambitious trainers.

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If you have a group in place to train, but are unsure of (1) where to start, (2) what your community needs to be trained on, or (3) how you might roll out your new program, we can help you get those ducks in a row.

There is no one "Right Way" to do safe zone, but we have picked up some best practices we'd love to share — tailored to your needs, your population, and the specific goals you're trying to accomplish.

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Meg and Sam are here to support you and your organization’s LGBTQ+ inclusion educational work. Please get in touch with us below to contact us if you have questions for us.