Looking to get in touch with us? Excellent. The easiest and fastest way to get in touch if you have a short message would be to reach out to us on Twitter or Facebook, but you can also use the form below to send us an email (or, if it’s more your style, send an email the ol’ fashioned way to yo [at] thesafezoneproject [dot] com).

Wait — is one of your questions here?

Do I need to be “certified” to use your curriculum?

Nope! We actually don’t offer certifications anyhow, so you can’t be certified by us. Our curriculum is provided here for your use — no strings attached. If you need help rolling out a program, or getting facilitators trained, we offer train-the-trainer programs.

Can I modify the curriculum / resources?

Yes yes yes! Please do. Everything is uncopyrighted, and we did that for YOU. No need to ask permission, but we would appreciate you sharing back anything cool you make, so we can spread the word.

I did a Safe Zone [some # of] years ago. Do I need to do another one?

Depends. The material covered in Safe Zone trainings evolves over time — at least, it should. If you’re doing a Safe Zone where the material hasn’t been updated in years, it’s at best out of date, at worst harmfully inaccurate). And tons of folks do trainings using the “Safe Zone” moniker that include very different activities and learning outcomes.

It’s not required (at least not by us, because we aren’t requirers/certifiers/overseers — we’re just a free online resource), but with that in mind, it never hurts to get a refresher, if you can. Andon’t let the fact that you haven’t gotten a refresher prevent you from doing what you can to advance the goals of Safe Zone in your workplace: mark yourself as an advocate, speak up and interrupt bias, and do what you can to make your space more inclusive of LGBTQ+ folks.

Do you train Safe Zone facilitators?

We do, but probably not in the way you’re asking if we do. So let’s first start with what we don’t do: [1] we don’t offer online facilitator training; [2] nor do we offer a facilitator training course (or webinar, or MOOC, or anything); [3] and we don’t do open facilitator training institutes.

The facilitator training we do is for groups (usually organizations, like universities, non-profits, hospitals, large companies, etc.) who are looking to roll out Safe Zone in their community. Those groups bring us in, and we work specifically with them to create a curriculum, train a group of folks to be amazing at facilitating that curriculum, then provide guidance on how to proliferate that learning throughout their entire organization.

At this point, if you’re on your own and you’re hoping to learn to be a Safe Zone trainer, we don’t offer any direct services. Sorry! However, it’s with you in mind that we created our ready-to-rock curriculum, our book about facilitation, and Sam’s (Killermann) book about gender.

Get in touch.

Note: if you are inquiring about bringing us to your campus or organization, please use the form on the services page

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