About The Safe Zone Project Team

Meet the people bringing you this free online resource, curriculum, activities, and other rainbow-themed goodness.

The Safe Zone Project was founded in 2013 by Meg Bolger and Sam Killermann and as a free online resource for folks doing LGBTQ awareness and ally trainings. Meg and Sam, having both been heavily involved in Safe Zone (LGBTQ awareness trainings) for a number of years individually, collaborated to build a platform for those who were interested in starting Safe Zone (and similar) trainings to have a place to build their curriculum, and a place for organizations already running Safe Zones to improve their existing workshops. In the years since, they’ve trained dozens of organizations to roll-out Safe Zone programs, added new activities and article series to this site, and written a book about facilitation.  

The majority of the folks who use The Safe Zone Project interact with the website exclusively, which gets over 10,000 visitors each month. The curriculum alone has been downloaded over 20,000 times in 100+ countries since 2013, and countless others have downloaded the individual activities.

In addition to these resources, Meg and Sam facilitate train-the-trainer visits to assist those looking to start or reinvigorate their Safe Zone programs. These train-the-trainer visits have taken place at universities, community colleges, medical schools, nonprofits, and healthcare facilities around the country. These institutions have then gone on to train 1000s of individuals in their community.

The Safe Zone Project is a volunteer-run initiative and labor of love by Meg and Sam, and all of the resources created here are uncopyrighted. There is no “SZP HQ.” Meg and Sam live in different parts of the US, and when not in-person facilitating train-the-trainers, 100% of the work is done online (thanks Google Drive!). The Safe Zone Project is part of hues, a global justice collective of art, tools, and resources.