Healthcare provides free resources for folks looking to increase their knowledge and awareness of LGBTQ issues and looking to educate others on how to best serve and be an ally to LGBTQ individuals.

We believe that having foundational understandings of LGBTQ issues and of how to best be an ally to LGBTQ individuals is essential for providers, researchers, and educators within the healthcare profession.  Healthcare providers are often connecting to individuals during incredibly vulnerable moments of their life; whether their own health struggles or caring for loved ones while they are ill or injured.  Being able to connect with individuals and their caregivers with affirmative and supportive care and environments is essential.

All the activities on our website are appropriate and may be helpful in connecting students and professionals to this important work.  We have also created training curriculum specifically modified for health care professionals.


This curriculum is specifically designed to provide essential foundational information to those in the healthcare field.  With vocabulary and scenarios focused on health care settings we believe this curriculum is a great place to start for anyone looking to provide better LGBTQ awareness education within their professional community.

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This curriculum offers a one-hour modular style curriculum as well as our recommended two-hour curriculum. Click the image above or download the curriculum here.


If you’re looking for assistance in starting gender and sexuality education programs at your medical school or healthcare center/organization, we are here to help! We provide train-the-trainer visits, 1 or 2 day programs, to help your group of future facilitators become more confident and competent in foundational LGBTQ information so they can in turn train others.

Read more about our train-the-trainer programs, including a training we did with Boston Children’s Hospital here!