A necessary component to any workshop, introductions is when participants learn a little bit about you, and you a little bit about them.

Necessary supplies

Goals & objectives

  • Introduce yourself to the group, have them understand a little bit about who you are, what your experience with this workshop have been, and what the day will look like
  • Introduce the group to each other
  • Record the names of the individuals in the group
  • To record any reasons or questions anyone in the group has before the workshop begins so you can be sure to address those

Step-by-step walk through

  1. Quiet the group down and introduce yourself. Include your name, where you are from, and any other relevant information. Tell them a little bit about how the workshop is going to progress and then ask them to introduce themselves.
  2. Let them know what information you would like them to say. This information (i.e. your name, your class year and or job title, where you are from, one question or reason that you are here today) should be written down on a little index card that you can pass around to the participants.
  3. Ask them to introduce themselves to the group and to share the criteria on the index card.
  4. Draw yourself a little diagram of how they are sitting and record their names, that way you have a participation cheat sheet!

Make it your own

You can always change what criteria you ask of the participants as well as the information you share about yourself. Turn in into some kind of game — find a person who grew up closest to you, find the person who has the birthday farthest from you and share a little about yourself.


If someone does not share a question or a reason why they have attended the workshop, consider whether they purposefully did not answer the question or whether they forgot. If the person did not answer on purpose it will be awkward to push for an answer, and it is best to simply let it move on.

Please introduce yourself by sharing…

  • Your name
  • Your class year/job title and what you study/what you do
  • Where you are from
  • What compelled you to come to the workshop today
  • A question you know you would like to have answered or discussed today (if you have one)