This tiny activity demonstrates how changing your perspective can make something, anything look completely different!

Goals & objectives

  • Demonstrate how changing your view or perspective can completely change how something looks or is perceived
  • Change up the energy in the room

Step-by-step walk through

  1. Ask everyone to point a finger towards the ceiling/sky, their arm outstretched and to draw a circle about a 2 feet wide above their heads clockwise.  You should demonstrate the action and have the group follow along.
  2. While keeping that finger towards the sky participants to bring that circle down, to keep circling, until their hand is about at chest level.  Again you should be doing this with them.
  3. Now ask everyone which way their circle is going now.  If they continued to go in the same direction they are circling will now appear to be counter clock wise.
  4. Repeat the process for those who didn’t get or were confused the first time.
  5. Reflect on how this is just a really quick activity that can demonstrate the power of perspectives, that depending on where you are when you’re looking at something that it can completely change how it looks and its view to you.

*Note: If you do this step by step with them you won’t have to explain it in as much detail.*

“Ok everyone!  Please point a finger towards the ceiling, and then I want you to draw a circle in a clockwise direction.  Everyone got me?  So finger towards the sky and then draw a circle going clockwise.  I want you to keep drawing the circle, and keep you finger pointed towards the sky, but I want you to bring your hand down until it is at your stomach, keep circling the whole time.  Now what direction is your finger going?”


This is just a simple, short energizer activity that can serve a few purposes in the workshop.  It can be used to settle a group down and get them all physically doing something, it can re-energize a group that is sleepy or needs to move around a bit, or it can be used  to change up the energy after a quiet or energetic activity.