How to Use This Site

This site is a powerful resource that was created just for you.  Let us help you to put it to use.

This site provides

We are here to help you

  • get your school’s Safe Zone program off the ground
  • analyze and identify where your Safe Zone program could be improved upon
  • expand your educational offerings as a Safe Zone or LGBTQ resource center

What to do

The first thing you should do is scroll up to our ready-to-rock curriculum (presented in our favorite color: rainbow) and download it. That way you can see what activities we think make the ideal 2-hour Safe Zone, get a few guiding tips and tricks, and get started on your own Safe Zone workshop. Then…

Explore our suite of activities

By clicking on the Activities tab you will be able to view all of the LGBTQ educational activities Sam and Meg have shared, detailed explanations of their learning outcomes, what supplies you need, and how to conduct each activity! They are organized by activity type, length, knowledge level, and how trusting your group needs to be.

Each of these activities can be…

  • viewed online;
  • copy and pasted (by clicking the button);
  • or you downloaded as a PDF (by clicking the button).
  • You’re also encouraged to share () or tweet () if you want others to find them, too!

Everything on the site is uncopyrighted, so use it however you’d like.

You can also use the Activity Finder on the right to browse activities by type, knowledge level, trust, length of time, category, and specific themes. Click on one of the items in the finder to see how it works. It’s like Zappos, but for social justice!

Get involved with the Safe Zone Project!

This project is an ongoing and ever-expanding website that will continue to evolve its offerings according to your needs!  We also need your help getting to know what schools across the country are actually doing on their campuses in regards to LGBTQ/Ally trainings. Head over the the Get Involved tab to leave your suggestions, recommendations, and fill out a quick review of your schools Safe Zone/ LGBTQ/Ally educational offerings to add to our project!

Want even more?

Learn about Safe Zone workshops — we keep saying “Safe Zone workshops”… what are these things? Find out why we think they are so nifty, what we think the goals of every Safe Zone should include, and our personal philosophies on social justice/gender/LGBTQ education while you’re at it!

Learn about Meg and Sam — who are the people who made this thing? How do they identify? Why do they care so much about Safe Zone workshops? What do they do when they’re not checking to see if someone new has downloaded the curriculum?

Bring us to your campus — we’d love to see y’all in action, help out in-person, facilitate a workshop for you, and show you what we can do when we get a whiteboard, a few hours, and a minds to mold!

FAQs — always a great place to start when you don’t know what you don’t know…just yet.